Our Legal Services

Kates & Barlow, PC, is dedicated to providing the best legal representation to individuals facing difficult
personal and financial decisions arising from divorce, separation, child custody, visitation, alimony, property division, paternity, and related matters. Kates & Barlow ’s team of renowned divorce lawyers provides the following legal services:

Financial Issues of Divorce

  • Substantial familiarity and experience in high net worth cases;
  • Valuing closely-held businesses and private investments with a view towards structuring property settlements;
  • Working closely with experts  to litigate the value of marital assets;
  • Determining the true economic benefit or income a person receives from a privately held business for purposes of determining support;
  • Locating and tracing marital assets and income;
  • Litigating the enforceability of premarital and post-marital agreements;
  • Structuring support arrangements to achieve maximum total after-tax family cash flow;
  • Achieving practical, cost-effective approaches to resolving complex financial issues.

Post-Divorce Financial Issues

  • Implementation and enforcement of prior judgments or agreements;
  • Seeking or defending against modification of alimony and child support.

Child Custody Issues

  • Advising clients in establishing comprehensive Parenting Plans;
  • Litigating all aspects of child custody including legal and physical custody; abuse; neglect; parental competency; substance abuse and fitness; paternity; special needs issues; relocation and removal; adoption; termination of parental rights; and jurisdictional issues;
  • Post-divorce modification issues.

Pre, Post-, Non-Marital and Separation Agreements

  • Negotiating and drafting comprehensive premarital, post-marital and non-marital (co-habitation) agreements in addition to separation agreements in anticipation of divorce;
  • Litigating the enforceability of such agreements.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Advising clients engaged in various forms of alternative dispute resolution, including mediation, conciliation, and arbitration;
  • Offering services in mediation, arbitration and conciliation;
  • Actively representing clients in the alternative dispute resolution context.